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For those of you who are new to using custom LJ graphics, here's a simple tutorial on how to credit the maker of the graphic.


Crediting an icon is very simple. Go to Manage -> Userpics and select the image you want to upload. In the 'Comments' field, just type "Made by [lj user="wildvision"]", but replace the []s with <>s. An example of this is provided in the image below.

Moodthemes & Header Images

You can credit moodthemes and header images in one of two ways. You can put the credit in your User Info, or you can incorporate it into your main journal layout. Below is an example of crediting in your User Info. This was actually taken from this community's profile. ^^ While editing your User Info, just type "Moodtheme/Header image made by [lj user="wildvision"]", but replace the []s with <>s.

You can also credit images in your main journal layout. I use the Flexible Squares format on my journal, so I placed my credit in the blurb in the sidebar, as you can see below.

That oughta cover it, then. ^_^
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